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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Clam Digger

Seafood and King Kong Dog
Clam Digger
Thanks to another fellow roadtripper I was able to find this place to eat.

I'm talking about Jake Cain who has made some road trips with his father Dale in the past. His website is called, which is also on my blog list.

Jake lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got in contact with him thanks to Andrew Van Cleve, another roadtripper who met him at Wrigley Field back in July 2010.

In December, the King and I went to Cincinnati to see the Bearcats, Cyclones and Bengals play. A few days before I got a call from Jake that he wasn't going to be in town that weekend. He told me that he had a few tickets for the Bearcat game that he wasn't using. He arranged to have me meet his father Dale to pick them up on our way from the airport to the game.

Needless to say, we were very grateful for the opportunity. In addition, I got to meet and greet his father for a few minutes. During the conversation, his father mentioned that Jake plans their trips and places to eat. He told me of a place somewhere in Connecticut that they went to. He said it was called Doogie's. He didn't know exactly where it was.

I proceeded to do a google search and I saw a few locations listed that seemed to be in the Hartford/New Britain area.

On Patriot's Day, the King and I went to Boston and then we were going to New Britain so I decided this is the perfect time to go to this place to eat.

The week before I did another search and I found out there was a place called the Clam Digger in nearby Bristol, Connecticut, home of ESPN.

I noted the location down but I didn't have an exact address so when we were getting gas at the last exit in Massachusetts I decided to call them to find out exactly how to get there. I spoke to Betsy who gave me the directions.

The King and I found it with relative ease but it was not right off the highway. We had to drive three miles down the road to get to it.

It's the home of the King Kong Dog which is a mere 16 inches long. They claim to have the best burgers in Connecticut according to their sign as you can see in the picture. In addition, they have fresh seafood. Their motto is and I quote "where the food is the only thing taken seriously".

We proceeded to go in and we were greeted by Betsy. She was impressed that we drove all the way from Massachusetts to go there. We told her that we went to the Red Sox game and that we were heading to New Britain for another game. We decided that this would be a perfect time to stop in.

It was a small place and she gave us time to get situated and to be able to check out their extensive menu with numerous choices of toppings to dress up your meal.

She said and I quote "we don't have salads here".

If you want something healthy I don't suggest you go here.

I want to thank Jake and Dale Cain for their recommendation and idea.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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