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Friday, April 16, 2010

Court Deli Restaurant

Court Deli Restaurant
Corned Beef Sandwich 

If and when you decide to go to a Yankee game, part of the royalty experience is stopping here.

It's located at 96 East 161 St. just a few blocks from the Stadium right by the Courthouse and the Grand Concourse.

If you decide to go here please ask for Chris, the manager. Tell him you were referred by Royalty Tours so he can give you royal treatment.

You have the option of waiting to be seated.

If so, be prepared to have patience since the line is usually long but it does move quickly.

On the other hand, you can take out your meal if you prefer.

If you decide to take it out, you can bring it into the ballpark and eat it when you go to your seat.

I gave you your options, you make the call.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They have a wide variety of choices to choose from.

For example, they make excellent sandwiches which include pickles and cole slaw. See picture above.

In addition, they have burgers and other entrees.

Their prices are very reasonable and a bargain compared to what the stadium has to offer.

When you go to the game you can save money outside on food and use that savings for souvenirs if you choose to buy them to serve as a memory of your visit to the stadium.

Royalty believes in supporting the local businesses located around Yankee Stadium.

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