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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The King and I met up with Henry Casiano, the King's brother in Port Charlotte, Florida at Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill!

Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill
After we dropped off Paul Derrick at the airport in Tampa Sunday night, the King and I drove another 100 miles to Port Charlotte so we could spent some time with the King's brother, Henry Casiano.

The King called him and he told him we'll be in Port Charlotte shortly after 8PM. He told him we should meet him at the Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill which is his second home. He told us when we got there he lives there. It's his home away from home.

When we've gone down to Florida, we've seen Henry a number of times over the years. With that being said, we've been to Whiskey Creek on a few occasions. It's a great place to eat & drink. They recently renovated it Henry said. Upon arrival, Henry introduced us to a number of different people, workers and friends who were there.

As for my meal, I ordered wood fired salmon which was excellent. It came with two sides & bread. I got broccoli & asparagus with it. As for the King, he had a rib eye steak for dinner. As for Henry, he got there before us so he was done eating already. He enjoyed his beer while we were eating our dinner.

As for the restaurant, they have a wide variety of food to choose from. In addition to fish and steak, they also serve chicken, pasta, barbecue ribs, pulled pork and they have also added pork chops to their extensive menu.

As for Henry, it was really nice to see him again. Despite having such a tight schedule, I'm glad I was able to make some time to visit him for the King's sake. I know he wanted to see him as long as we were going to be in Florida.

He offered to put us up for the night but we had a hotel booked already at the Travelodge in Riviera Beach where we stayed Thursday night after we drove back from Daytona. After spending time with him, I drove 150 miles on different state roads so we could get back to the east coast of Florida in preparation for more baseball Monday afternoon.

Please stayed tuned as I wrap up the rest of our adventurous Southern getaway.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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