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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Macleay's Pizza in Potts Point, Australia‏

After the King & I headed back to the DeVere Hotel where we stayed in Potts Point, I decided to stop off a few blocks from the hotel to have some pizza. The King said he wanted to go back to the room. I wound up going to Macleay's Pizza for a late dinner around 9PM that Thursday night.

Macleay's Pizza
I figured I'll go in ‎& have a few slices before I went to the room. I was hungry & I wanted to see how the pizza was there. When I went in, they told me they only sell pies not slices. With that being said, I decided to look over their menu. I was impressed with the extensive selection of pizza they had to offer. In fact, they had 25 different choices to chose from. In addition, they served pastas, salads & desserts too. I wound up getting myself a medium pie which was the smallest size they had. I decided to keep it simple. I went with their margherita pizza which came with cheese, tomato & oregano.

Pizza since 1985
I had to wait about ten minutes so they could make it for me. When it came out it was nice & hot. It was made out of a thin crust. I let it cool off for a few minutes before I started to eat it. Since I'm from New York City, it's hard to find good pizza in other parts of the United States. With being said, I decided to see how pizza tasted Down Under. Out of curiosity, I‎ wanted to see for myself. I was pleasantly surprised when I ate it. It turned out to be really good. As a result, I wound up eating the whole pie. 

Medium Margherita Pie
When I was done, I thanked the guys who worked there. I told them they make good pizza. I then proceeded to walk up the block so I could get back to the room.

When I got there, the King was watching TV. I told him the pizza I had was good. Too bad he missed out on trying it. 

I got settled in the room then I packed my bags up since we were leaving bright ‎& early Friday morning because we had to catch an early flight to Melbourne. 

Stay tuned for some special posts that will go into detail about how we spend our day in Melbourne.

Thank you for reading & following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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