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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gates BBQ: Kansas City's Own

Gates BBQ

After we went to the Negro Leagues Museum, we had to meet some people at 2PM at Gates.

Gates Bar-B-Q came highly recommended by Steve Fekete.

He comes to KC every year and he lives in this place it seems.

It was time for Royalty to give it a try to see if it meets the high standards that I set.

We wound up meeting some of Steve's friends which included a guy named Brian Acklin.

Brian has been to every KC Royal home game since August 1984.

The first time we met Brian was Opening Day on April 2, 2007 against the Red Sox. We were also joined by a lady named Dorothy Straney who we knew from Spring Hill, Kansas. She brought her Mom and her boyfriend Joel with her.

I will do a separate post in detail about these special people.

Once we got done saying hello to each other, we were ready to order our food.

My Meal
In typical heartland fashion, we were greeted by the Gates signature greeting,"Hi, may I help you?" in their heartland accent.

Since we skipped breakfast that morning I was hungry to say the least.

I proceeded to order a sandwich called turkey and a half per Steve's recomendation. It came stacked with turkey and barbeque sauce.
In addition, I had a side order of steak fries.

I noticed a pie that looked like pumpkin it was called yammer pie.

Dorothy told me since you like pumpkin you'll like it it's similar.

Needless to say, she didn't steer me wrong.

After finishing my meal, I can see why Steve loves going to this place.

If you happen to be in the Kansas City area and you like barbeque food, I suggest that you give Gates a try so you can see for yourself.

To wet your appettite, here's the link to their website:

I took a peek before we left and I couldn't wait to get there.

Stay tuned for the next segment of this epic getaway.

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