Royalty Tours USA

Origin of Royalty Tours USA

Back in October 1985, I met a guy named Michael Casiano. He was a big time baseball fan. He was part of a group of sports fans that were known as Section One Members because they used to sit high in the upper deck behind home plate in Section One at Yankee and Shea Stadium.

Michael wound up seeing the most baseball games live that year in the group hence he was referred to as the "King".

As time went on I became a member and the King called me the "Prince".

We become a tandem of attending the most live sporting events in the group all over the country.

The King witnesses over 400 a year while I do all the legwork and I manage to see on average 350 a year.

With that being said, I decided with all my years of knowledge from planning and attending live sporting events on a regular basis home and away across North America that I wanted to put my marketing degree to better use.

I took it upon myself to try and run my own sports travel business. It's been a slow process but I'm getting better each and every day blogging about how we know all the tricks of the trade. My motto is to "minimize cost and maximize enjoyment".

As a fellow road tripper said when he met us for the first time the other day "these guys are probably the pioneers of attending sporting events".