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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KJY Fruit Market up the block from Yankee Stadium

Jin Kim in action
When I go to see the Yankees play, I always buy my dinner outside the ballpark.

If you read and/or follow my blog you know some of the places I go to.

Here's another place that you should go to before you go into the Stadium.

This place has all the goodies you need to snack on such as a wide array of fresh fruit, candy and soft drinks.

In particular, my pal Jin Kim is usually outside on the street in front of the store which is located at 71 E 161 Street selling bottles of ice cold water as well as popcorn, candy bars and peanuts among other things. The store is just past the McDonald's when get off the subway and it's right next to the 7 Fish Market where I like to eat from time to time as well.

My pal, Jin Kim is notorious for his unique way of selling the bottles of water, Poland Spring 24 ounce ones.

He says and I quote "Do you know how much water cost at Yank Stadium?". He then says "five dollars, why would you pay five dollars inside when you can pay one dollar here." "One dollar, one dollar, one dollar" really fast numerous times.

In other words, you can get five bottles of water from him instead of one at Yank Stadium for the same price.

Like the royal way of operating, you can't go wrong.

In addition, as the weather gets warmer in the summer, he sells frozen water so it lasts even longer for the same one dollar.

Print out this post and show it to him. That way he'll make sure you get the royal treatment you deserve.

Most importantly, you can bring the food and drinks into the Stadium too. Just don't open the bottle until you get inside the ballpark and you won't have a problem.

Thank you for reading and following.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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