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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shamrock's in St. Paul, Minnesota

We were checking out of Hertz to start our journey for the weekend.

Our friend  Steve asked the attendant do you know where can we get burgers.

The young man responded go to Shamrock's. It's located at 7th Street & Randolph.

So we left the Hertz parking lot and off to find Shamrock's.

We drove down highway 5 which took us right by Shamrock's.

The exact address is 995 West 7th Street.

We parked the car and we went in.

The luck of the Irish was on our side.

Since we were hungry it was great way to start the trip. It was around 1:30PM in the afternoon. The place had a good number of people in it. Our waiter came right over to us and he took great care of us.

The menu was rather extensive to say the least. They had a wide variety of choices to choose from. They had a number of salads to go along with steaks, fish, chicken, pizza and a slew of burgers.

Since it was lunch time we all ordered different kinds of burgers. It was quite amazing the variety of burgers that had to choose from.

I wound up ordering a St. Patrick's Day Rueben burger which had corned beef, swiss cheese & sauerkraut on it. I opted to pass on the 1,000 island dressing that it also came with. The burger included their homemade fries as well which were outrageous.

Needless to say, I was a very satisfied customer. For that matter, so was everybody else.

Upon departing, I saw a gentleman at the register and I told him how great the food was.

That gentleman happened to be Ted Casper who is one of the owners along with Mike Runyon.

They have another place called the Irish Nook.

I highly recommend if you happen to be in the Twin Cities, that you make sure you go to Shamrock's or the Irish Nook.

Here's the link to their website to further wet your appetitte.

If you happen to see Ted Casper tell him Royalty sent you from New York.

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