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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 NFL Schedule

Please see the link below for all the details.

If and when you need my expertise in planning your 2012 football road trips please feel free to contact me.

I plan to dissect the schedule to put together the most creative trip plans that the schedule allows.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman


StadiumJourney said...

With all of the early Thursday games, this is a great season to try and see all of the NFL stadiums in one year. I'm not sure how fast someone has done every stadium, but it can be done this year by starting on opening day, and finishing on November 15th:
Wednesday 9/5/2012 Dallas Cowboys New York Giants
Thursday 9/6/2012
Friday 9/7/2012
Saturday 9/8/2012
Sunday 9/9/2012 Atlanta Falcons Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday 9/9/2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Denver Broncos
Monday 9/10/2012 San Diego Chargers Oakland Raiders
Tuesday 9/11/2012
Wednesday 9/12/2012
Thursday 9/13/2012 Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers
Friday 9/14/2012
Saturday 9/15/2012
Sunday 9/16/2012 Arizona Cardinals New England Patriots
Monday 9/17/2012 Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons
Tuesday 9/18/2012
Wednesday 9/19/2012
Thursday 9/20/2012 New York Giants Carolina Panthers
Friday 9/21/2012
Saturday 9/22/2012
Sunday 9/23/2012 Buffalo Bills Cleveland Browns
Monday 9/24/2012 Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks
Tuesday 9/25/2012
Wednesday 9/26/2012
Thursday 9/27/2012 Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens
Friday 9/28/2012
Saturday 9/29/2012
Sunday 9/30/2012 Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions
Sunday 9/30/2012 New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles
Monday 10/1/2012 Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys
Tuesday 10/2/2012
Wednesday 10/3/2012
Thursday 10/4/2012 Arizona Cardinals St Louis Rams
Friday 10/5/2012
Saturday 10/6/2012
Sunday 10/7/2012 Atlanta Falcons Washington Redskins
Sunday 10/7/2012 San Diego Chargers New Orleans Saints
Monday 10/8/2012 Houston Texans New York Jets
Tuesday 10/9/2012
Wednesday 10/10/2012
Thursday 10/11/2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans
Friday 10/12/2012
Saturday 10/13/2012
Sunday 10/14/2012 St Louis Rams Miami Dolphins
Sunday 10/14/2012 Green Bay Packers Houston Texans
Monday 10/15/2012 Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers
Tuesday 10/16/2012
Wednesday 10/17/2012
Thursday 10/18/2012 Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers
Friday 10/19/2012
Saturday 10/20/2012
Sunday 10/21/2012 Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts
Sunday 10/21/2012 Pittsburgh Steelers Cincinnati Bengals
Monday 10/22/2012 Detroit Lions Chicago Bears
Tuesday 10/23/2012
Wednesday 10/24/2012
Thursday 10/25/2012 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings
Friday 10/26/2012
Saturday 10/27/2012
Sunday 10/28/2012 Washington Redskins Pittsburgh Steelers
Monday 10/29/2012 San Francisco 49ers Arizona Cardinals
Tuesday 10/30/2012
Wednesday 10/31/2012
Thursday 11/1/2012
Friday 11/2/2012
Saturday 11/3/2012
Sunday 11/4/2012
Monday 11/5/2012
Tuesday 11/6/2012
Wednesday 11/7/2012
Thursday 11/8/2012 Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars
Friday 11/9/2012
Saturday 11/10/2012
Sunday 11/11/2012 San Diego Chargers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Monday 11/12/2012
Tuesday 11/13/2012
Wednesday 11/14/2012
Thursday 11/15/2012 Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills

Gary Herman said...

Thank you for posting my ultimate football dream trip. I wish I could attempt to do this. I believe the record is 107 days for seeing all 32 NFL stadiums. This game plan would destroy that. This is a 71 day Stadium Journey. What a trip that would be if somebody like me could pull it off. We'll wait and see if someone decides to do so.