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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Royalty enjoys dinner on the barbie at Phillip's Foote Restaurant in Sydney, Australia!‏

View of  Famous Sydney Harbour Bridge
After the King & I finished watching the MLB Opening Series games at the Sydney Cricket Ground, we decided that we wanted to start taking in what else the City of Sydney had to offer. With that being said, we were starting to feel hungry. Thanks to a co-worker of mine, I was told that we had to go to the Rocks which is the neighborhood filled with Pubs right by the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge for dinner one night at a restaurant called Phillip's Foote. When he told me about it, I knew I would find a way to get there. Furthermore, I knew I was in for an Australian treat.
Circular Quay in Sydney Australia
After we took a bus to the CBD aka the Central Business District by the Sydney Harbour & the iconic Sydney Opera House which is also known as Circular Quay which is pronounced "key". That's where you can pick up ferries to go to different parts of Sydney & its surrounding areas. We decided to take a walk over to the Rocks which was only a stone's throw away. Once we walked over to George Street which is one of the major streets in the CBD. We made a right turn & we followed the numbers until we got to 101 which was where Phillip's Foote Restaurant was located. The window signage said fine wine, fine food so I was reassured that it was going to be all good too.

Phillip's Foote Restaurant in the Rocks
We walked inside & we were greeted by a fellow mate who showed us around. In the front of the restaurant they had the bar where you ordered your drinks from. As you walked further in they had a set up that resembled the Outback. It was really cool. We wound up going to the back of the restaurant where we placed our order for dinner. Our meal consisted of a choice of different steaks which came with potatoes, daily fresh made bread as well as a salad & fruit bar. It was an all inclusive meal for $33. 

The unique part of the meal was that we got to make our own steak on the barbie. That way if it wasn't cooked right, you could only blame yourself for messing it up. They had signs above the barbies to guide you along on how to cook it just right to fit your taste buds. 
T-Bone Steaks on the Barbie
As for the King & I, I did the cooking. We both chose to have T-Bone steaks which I cooked to perfection. Both of us were very satisfied customers. Initially when I told the King I had a nice barbecue place for us to go to, he had his doubts. He was thinking it was going to be a pit style joint like they have down South here in the States. Since he's so afraid to try new kinds of food, I wasn't surprised. I knew all along it was a place he was going to like since he likes to have steak dinners from time to time. Once we got settled in, he realized I didn't steer him wrong. It turned to be an excellent choice like I was told beforehand.
Victoria Bitter aka VB
We ate like royalty Down Under. In addition, we got to have some local beer there too. One of the popular beers there is called Victoria Bitter aka VB. I had one of those at the Light Brigade upon arrival so I knew I liked it. The King decided to try it. He enjoyed it as well.

After we relaxed & finished our food & drinks, we decided to walk all the way back to our hotel in Potts Point. It wound up being a long walk but we had plenty of time to do it so we didn't mind. By doing so, we got to take in more of the CBD on foot. It was an interesting stroll to say the least. 
Once we finally got back to our room, we got a good night sleep in anticipation of a very busy & fun filled week ahead while we were spending time Down Under. 

Stay tuned as I will continue to recap this amazing journey as it unfolded.

Thank you for reading & following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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