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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Prince gets to take the field at Citi Field before Mets play the Reds on 6/16/12!

Prince watching line up exchange before Mets/Reds Game

Prince  meets & greets Mets Catcher Josh Thole 

Since the King and I have full season tickets for the Mets at Citi Field, we occasionally get some Mets Amazin Perks which are advantages of being loyal to the team.

With that being said, my ticket representative Michael Parton contacted me recently about being able to take the field with the Mets as they go out on the field to take their positions just before the game starts.

He told me he had an opening for the Saturday night game against the Cincinnati Reds. I told him I would be available to do so. I was given instructions when to report to the ballpark on game day. He said once you're there they'll tell you what position you'll be going to. I listened closely as Stephen who was in charge read off the positions for us lucky fans. He read and read and finally I was told I'm going to home plate to meet and greet Mets' catcher Josh Thole for a quick hello.

We waited for a short time until we were told to head out to the field through the stands located right behind home plate. I got to stand right in front of the backstop. I stood there while the National Anthem was done. It was so cool looking around the stadium like I was actually playing.

Shortly after the National Anthem was sung, I got to step up to the home plate area. I positioned myself in the left handed batter's box since I'm lefty. I thought it would be appropriate to do so. Moments later, the umpires came out to meet the managers to exchange the line up cards for the game.

I got to meet and greet home plate umpire Jim Reynolds who was calling balls and strikes, first base umpire Vic Carapazza, second base umpire James Hoye and third base umpire Jim Joyce. I told them I hope we get a perfect game tonight. In retrospect, that turned out to be wishful thinking.

In addition, I got to say hello to Mets' Manager Terry Collins and Reds' First Base Coach Billy Hatcher who played for the Houston Astros back in 1986 when the Mets won the pennant at the Astrodome in Game 6. Billy Hatcher was the one who hit a game tying home run in the 14th inning to prolong the agony for us Met fans. Thankfully the Mets found a way to overcome that as they won the game in 16 innings, 7-6 as they advanced to the World Series.

After the meeting at home plate, it was time for the Mets to take the field. Me and 8 other fans got to greet the starters. As for me, I got to shake hands with Josh Thole and he thanked me for coming out. I did tell him I saw him play as a Brooklyn Cyclone. He's one of many that have grown on the farm as they've made their way to Citi Field.

I had a blast being able to meet and greet the umpires and Josh Thole. It was a thrill for me. I felt like a little kid going to my first game.

I want to personally thank Michael Parton and the Mets organization for giving me this opportunity.

When I was done I had to get back to my season seat in section 516 row 3. In the process, I didn't get to hear the King say "Play Ball" which was another Met Amazin Perk we got for being season ticket holders. Since he saw his 7,000th game the Sunday before in Pittsburgh, I arranged with Michael Parton to have him on the big screen to celebrate his latest accomplishment.

Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell from Buffalo were there to hear him. They also got to the ballpark early and they were able to reevaluate Citi Field. They did say they were impressed with a number of changes that the Mets made including the Museum and Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned as I wrap up the weekend with another special post about a roadtripper who stopped by our seats to visit us on Father's Day.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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