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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Machine Shed

Iowa  Pork Chop Dinner

When I was attempting to meet up with Tige Hutcheson for dinner I accidentally came across a restaurant called the Machine Shed in Urbandale, Iowa. It was located right outside of West Des Moines which is not far from Downtown Des Moines where we were going to see the Iowa Cubs play.

I walked inside the restaurant if you will and I asked a lady named Julie Eckhardt who was waiting to seat people for the exact address while I was talking to Tige so he could meet me there.

Julie was very friendly which is typical of people from the heartland and the cornfields of the State of Iowa.
While I was waiting for Tige, I was looking around and I noticed this place reminded me of Cracker Barrel. It had a watering hole on one side, a retail store which included a bakery and the family restaurant on the other side.

Another lady named Tonia Slack, who was the retail manager got my attention. I started talking to her and I told her I was from New York City. She told me she lived in Connecticut for a while so it made for an instant conversation.

During our chat, she showed me the different pastries they had to offer and she told me to go ahead and pick one out to take home with me. They're known for their cinnamon rolls which were covered with butter cream frosting. It was a huge roll. I couldn't thank her enough for her kindness. I proceeded to go out to the car to put it away.

I waited for Tige to come and shortly thereafter he did. We went inside to indulge in a hearty country farm style home cooked meal.

I had an Iowa Pork Chop as you can see in the picture. Tige had Brisket which also looked and tasted delicious. In addition, Julie and Tonia both recommended their baked potato soup. I was going to order a bowl but our waitress Barb said to go with the cup since I was getting the extra thick chop. That was a wise decision.

When I finally got done eating, I was stuffed.

After we ate, I made sure I said goodbye to Julie and Tonia. In addition, there was another lady with them, Cat Wood. I spoke briefly with her as well.

Tige and I had to get to the game so we were forced to leave.

I want to personally thank these ladies for the wonderful hospitality they provided us.

If and when I happen to be back in that area I'll definitely plan to enjoy another great meal.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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