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Places To Eat Outside Yankee Stadium

Last year the Yankees opened a new ballpark in the Bronx across the street from the old one which is completely gone.

If you were fortunate enough to say you saw a game at the old one, consider yourself lucky.

With the cost of tickets to a game sky rocketing at such a rapid clip these days, fewer people can afford to go.

If they do go, they don't go nearly as often as they used to and that's probably not by choice.

People say they're priced out.

That statement is true to a point.

This is where a true baseball fan and/or an astute person takes matters into their own hands.

They say to themselves I want to see X amount of games but I only can afford to spend X amount of money to make it happen.

I need to do something about it in order for that to change.

Well I do that all the time believe it or not, I need to minimize my cost to maximize my enjoyment.

One of the best ways to do this is as follows:

We all have to eat and drink everyday to survive.

Who says that when you go to a game you have to buy anything in the ballpark?

As the King is quick to say, "Nobody's putting a gun to your head".

I strongly suggest that you take some advice from me and other people who support the local businesses around Yankee Stadium.

For further details please click on this link and it will tell you how:

In addition, if and when you're satisfied with those results then you will need to check out this link to further make your overall experience better home or away:

The best way to thank me and my fellow road trippers is to visit their different websites and blogs which can be found on my blog list.

By working together, we can make the national pastime affordable once again.

It can be a win win situation for everybody.

Wait and see.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman