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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Royalty gets recognized by other roadtrippers!

Since I started my blog back in February, I've gotten in contact with other people who like to do what I do. That being attending live sporting events.

Thanks to fellow roadtripper and friend, Sean MacDonald who lives in Japan who gave me the final push I needed to get my blog off the ground. Sean is a world traveler himself. He's seen numerous live sporting events in different parts of the world. We always meet up when he comes here to the United States.

He has a website and a blog of his own.

Here's the link:

A few months ago on posted a comment on his blog.

As a result, another fellow roadtripper, Andrew Van Cleve, who lives in Chicago right up the block from Wrigley Field no less decided to try and track me down. He e-mailed me and we've been in constant contact ever since. I was in Chicago last month and we met up.

He also has a website and blog.

Here's his link:

When we met up we spoke and he seemed to be amazed by my rigorous schedule. When I came home he e-mailed me and told me about another guy named Paul Swaney. I followed up and I got in contact with Paul. Paul's from the Chicago area as well. Like Sean & Andrew, he has a website as well.

Here's his link:

Paul asked me if I would share some secrets to my success to seeing on average 350 live sporting events a year. He interviewed me and I told him how I manage to do it.

Please feel free to check out his great website and you can become a member as well.

I did. You can read up on my answers.

He titled the article "A Royal Tour" it's dated today 6/22/10.

I look forward to meeting Paul in person some day down the road.

In the meantime, thanks to technology we can all track each other's lives. By doing so, we all better ourselves with knowledge that makes life more enjoyable for all of us.

Who will we be fortunate to meet next?

Check in periodically and find out. I have a blog roll that you can click on to access their sites as well as some others.

While I'm mentioning some newly found roadtrippers, I can't forget the Buffalo Boys aka USRT.

The Ultimate Sports Road Trip as they call themselves, Andrew Kulyk & Peter Farrell, these guys have done a tremendous job of marketing themselves to their family, friends as well as the media through their website & blog.

Most importantly, their great people and they're always ready to roll out the welcome mat if and when you go to Buffalo.

Here's their link:

If you're in the NYC area please feel to contact me.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman 

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