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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Royalty discovers a new way to travel thanks to road tripper, Darren O'Donnell!

Over the years, I've seen many live sporting events home and away. I've taken different modes of transportation such as buses, trains, planes and automobiles.

Earlier today I came across a story on about a person who's doing it a little differently. He's in the midst of going to all 30 major league baseball stadiums over 170 days this season. He's doing it by riding a bike. Yes, you read right.

His name is Darren O'Donnell. He's from Bellingham, Washington which is about 100 miles north of Seattle and just before the Canadian border that goes into British Columbia.

He can be found on Twitter @Baseball_Biking. I'm following him. I suggest that you do too.

In addition, there's a link on his facebook page where he has his planned schedule of games he's attending. Go to and search for Baseball Biking Tour.

Due to the nature of his transportation mode, he has the games spaced out so he can have enough time to logistically get from one place to another.

I did get in contact with him and I offered my assistance if and when he needs it. Being a road warrior myself, I can tell what to expect along the way.

I plan to meet and greet him at Citi Field on August 10th when the Mets play the Padres at 7:10PM.

He did his research and he found out that this has been done before. Someone did it in back in 2004 and somebody else did it last year in 2010 he said.

He's a huge baseball fan and he hopes to get into the front office of a major league team someday. He's planning to use this adventure to get his foot in the door.

This is the first time I've ever heard of anybody doing it that way.

He's giving me inspiration to someday give it a try.

His "royal" ride started back on April 8th in Seattle and he's planning to finish it in St. Louis on September 25th.

If he happens to be in your area, I strongly suggest that you try to meet him. I personally can't wait.

He glanced at my blog and he said and I quote "I'm living the dream".

I think he's living a dream. That's quite a way to get around North America.

In life, we all have different needs and wants. The key is to enjoy the ride. The more people you can meet who share a similar interest the better life becomes.

Today, I can honestly say my life got better.

As time goes on, I hope that trend continues.

I love when people think I'm crazy. They make be right but at least I'm having the time of my life.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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