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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Royalty gets a taste of "Lin-Sanity" at MSG!

When the King and I were at Madison Square Garden on February 4th, we saw the Knicks play the
Nets that night. Little did we know we were going to get a glimpse of the hottest thing to hit NYC in recent memory.

All of a sudden, the first ever Asian American player of Chinese descent came into the game. His name was Jeremy Lin. We like others we're wondering who is he.

Since he entered that game 10 days ago, he continues to be the talk of the town. He was living with his brother on the East Side on a couch. I think he may be ready to check in for a while at the Trump Tower now. He's no dummy. He graduated from Harvard. He went undrafted. In matter of fact, two teams had him and cut him. First the Golden State Warriors who he played briefly for. He was let go and the Houston Rockets picked him up. After they dumped him, the Knicks decided to take a chance on him. What a decision that was. They put him in the game and he exploded on the scene.

He electrified the crowd instantly hence the reference "Lin-Sanity". He finished the game with 25 points off the bench and he added 7 assists and 5 rebounds. What a performance.

He was rewarded with his first NBA start that Monday night when the Utah Jazz came to the Garden. "Lin-Sanity" took center stage again. This time he scored a new career high of 28 points and he added 8 assists. It was absolutely "Lincredible".

He took his instant success to Washington DC Wednesday night where the Knicks were visiting the Wizards and John Wall. The "Linning" ways continued again. This time he led the way as he scored 23 points and dished out 10 assists.

The Knicks returned home on Friday night to face Kobe Bryant and the Lakers at the Garden. "Lin-Sanity" stole the show as he outscored Kobe by pouring in a new career high 38 points as he led the Knicks to another victory.

Saturday night the Knicks hit the road again as they went out to the Twin Cities to play the Timberwolves. It appeared that the Knicks were going to lose but "Linderella" wouldn't let the glass slipper wear off just yet as the "Linning" ways continued.

Tonight the Knicks headed north of the border to play the Toronto Raptors. The Knicks trailed most of the game but once again "Linderella" got across the border and was the difference as the Knicks return home a winner again. He scored 27 points including the "Linning" shot and he handed out 11 more assists. By the way, that was Jeremy's way of saying "Happy VaLINtine's Day" to all his fans.

Since Lin got some serious playing time against the Nets, the Knicks haven't lost they're 6-0. He continues to be the talk of the town but he always defers the credit to his teammates.

Now the question is if and when is "Linsanity" going to end. At this rate, I think it's here to stay.

Time will tell.

Thank you for reading and following.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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