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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Royalty gets a double dosage of Eichenkranz Restaurant in Baltimore!

Me & Rose
After spending the night at Super 8 in York, PA, the King and I got up early and we drove to Baltimore to see the Ravens play the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Wild Card game that afternoon at 1PM. I'll be doing a few special posts regarding that. Stay tuned for them.

In the meantime, I want to relive the great meals we had that day. Ironically we had breakfast and dinner at the same place. We arranged to meet up with our good friends, Peter & Carmen Agnew who live in Baltimore. They always want us to visit them. I always try my best to squeeze them into my busy schedule. With that being said, we wound up seeing them twice in the same day.

Normally we go to Eichenkranz Restaurant for breakfast which is a great way to start a day. As for breakfast, my girlfriend Rose who works as a waitress there was so happy to see me. I had my usual royal breakfast of bacon and eggs which comes with home fries along with toast plus I had an order of pancakes. I like to have the best of all worlds whenever possible. After we all enjoyed our breakfast, we discussed possible dinner plans after the game. I was hoping we could go to Looney's Pub but with the Redskins playing at 4:30PM, Peter said and I agreed it would be way to crowded to go there. With that being said, we needed a plan B. Since the King is such a picky eater finding a place can be difficult. Peter mentioned about going to a Chinese buffet. I told him that's no good. Another place we've been to with them, Matthew's Pizza, Peter also said will be too crowded.

I was thinking to myself, why not just come back here and eat. It probably won't be crowded. That way we can sit, relax and enjoy each other's company some more. I proceeded to ask for their dinner menu so I could glance it over to see if it would suffice for all of us. I noticed they had a number of different choices including their specialty, German entrees such as brats and other sausages. With that being said, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try it out for dinner. It's very rare for me to ever go to the same restaurant twice in the same day. Honestly this could have been a first in my life. Sometimes doing something twice really is nice.

Rose the waitress wet my appetite for dinner when I asked her opinion on the different options on the menu. She told me the broiled stuffed fillet of flounder is really good. When we returned that's what I ordered. She was right, it was delicious. She was there again because she told us in the morning she had a baby shower to go to upstairs. So I really got an added treat. I got to see her again. She made my day and my night.
In addition, we also brought another special guest with us. Our pal Andrew Van Cleve who we met at the Raven game joined us because I arranged to give him a ride home to Philadelphia. He took Amtrak to Baltimore and we took him back.

As a result, Andrew got to meet Peter & Carmen and he had a nice dinner too.

After we finished eating we said our goodbyes and we headed home. We wound up dropping Andrew off around 8:30PM then the King & I continued back to Astoria, NY where we live. We got back at 11PM. All in all, it turned out to be worth our while.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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