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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Royalty escapes Beantown just before the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon!

When we were at Fenway Park on Patriot's Day we walked out to left field for the ninth inning in anticipation of getting out of the ballpark without a hassle.

The Rays tied the game at two in the top of the ninth inning. When they were doing so, I mentioned to the King that there was a game at 6:15 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We were originally planning to go to New Britain, Connecticut to see another baseball game. I told him to make a decision since he was doing the driving. He consulted with Phil, Vincent and I and we decided to change our game plan.

With that being said, we were fortunate that the Red Sox wound up winning the game in the bottom of the ninth inning, 3-2 as Mike Napoli doubled in the winning run. As a result, we raced out of the park.
We wound up getting to the car around 2:30PM give or take. We drove away and we eventually got on I-95 South which goes towards Pawtucket. As we were driving, we were listening to music until we suddenly heard a breaking news story just before 3PM that there was a bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. We thought they were joking around. Unfortunately they weren't. We were in shock when we heard the report. We were near Foxboro on I-95 when we got the update. Thankfully the game ended when it did and we were able to escape the area since we were only a mile or two from where the incident took place.

Vincent has an I-Phone so he was able to pull up CNN and he showed us videos of what had happened. It was a scary sight to say the least. We kept getting updates as we continued to drive towards Pawtucket. I was charging my phone at the time while people I knew were contacting me to make sure I was alright. We called up the ballpark to make sure the game was still on. The person who answered the phone said yes it is.

We wound up driving to McCoy Stadium, which is the home of the Pawtucket Red Sox. We saw a restaurant right next to the ballpark but we didn't like the menu so we decided to get back in the car and we drove a mile or so around the nearby neighborhood and we came across a place called the Roast House, which was a Pub and Restaurant. We parked the car and we went inside. There was a Pub in the front and a dining room in the back. We walked in and we tried to gather our emotions because we were still shook up over the sudden turn of events that occurred 50 miles away in Boston.

Roast House Restaurant & Pub
We all sat down and we tried to relax. We did the best we could by enjoying a full course meal. As for me, I had a complete dinner that consisted of baked haddock which came with mashed potatoes & mixed vegetables and an iced tea. In addition, it also came with a choice of soup or salad. Since I wanted New England clam chowder soup there was an additional $1.50 charge. It turned out to be an excellent decision. For dessert, I got to choose from a number of different cakes to cap off my meal. I decided to have a slice of oreo cookie cake. I might add the piece of cake I had was gigantic. The meal cost me $11.99 plus the extra charge for the soup. What a deal it was. More importantly, the food was delicious.

If and when the opportunity presents itself again, I know where to go for an amazing pre game meal. They have an extensive menu and daily specials everyday of the week.

Stay tuned for another post that will recap the game we saw after we made the best of this horrific afternoon.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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Kurt Smith said...

Wow, Gary, I didn't know you were there that day. I guess you'll always remember that one. What an awful day.