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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Royalty goes to Harry Caray's Restaurant in Chicago!‏

After the King & I went to the Cub game on June 27th at Wrigley Field, we went back to the Flat where we stayed in Wrigleyville. We met up with Scott Bultman as well as Tike & Dawn Narry there. We got refreshed then we all walked over to the subway & we took the train to the loop which is considered downtown if you will in Chicago. We got off ‎& we walked a few blocks to Harry Caray's Restaurant to have dinner. Tike had made a reservation for us. We wound up meeting his friends Josh ‎& Stephanie Thurman along with their son, Brendan who joined us after they spent the day sightseeing. When we walked in, we had a drink by the bar. While doing so, Tike came across a guy he met last year when he was in Chicago. This guy he initially met on Twitter. His name is Joe McCune. He happens to be a San Francisco Giant fan who lives in Chicago. Tike asked the people there if we could have a table for nine instead of eight. That way he could join us for dinner. After a short wait, they were able to accommodate all nine of us. 

As for dinner, we ordered our food which included some different appetizers that consisted of toasted ravioli, calamari & antipasto. As for the main course, I had a chicken parmigiana which came with spaghetti. ‎The King had a ribeye steak on the bone. Tike & Dawn had been there last year too so they knew the food was excellent. Joe is a lawyer he said. He's been there many times. He told us the food choices were outrageous. Whatever you ordered, you couldn't go wrong. When the food arrived, we found that out. It was really a tremendous meal that we had.

In addition, we had some great conversations around the table. We estimated that between all of us that we have seen over 14,000 live sporting events. 

The King & I with a caricature of Harry Caray
After enjoying the food ‎& the company there, we weren't done for the night. After we left the restaurant, Joe who lives in one of the Marina City buildings a few blocks away, took us up to the 60th floor so we could get an aerial view of the City of Chicago. What an unexpected surprise that was. He was more than happy to show us the view. We got to see the Sears Tower, the new Trump Tower as well as an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding areas. We had a beautiful breeze blowing which added to this breath taking experience. If Tike never found this gentleman on Twitter, none of this would have happened. It just proves that if you make an effort to do something in life you never know what can come of it. In this case, a common interest in the Giants lead to guided tour for all of us. I want to personally thank Tike & Joe for making this happen. 

Aerial View of Sears Tower from Marina City in Chicago
After we got back downstairs we said good bye to Joe & the Thurman family for the night. The rest of us walked back to the subway & we took the train back to the Flat to go to sleep.

Stay tuned for a special post that will recap the rest of that memorable weekend in the Midwest.

Thank you for reading & following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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