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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Royalty is going to London, England in October!

On November 6, 2014, the NFL confirmed its 2015 International Series of games that will be played in London, England. The first one there was back on October 28, 2007 when the NY Giants played the Miami Dolphins. Since then, they've played an annual game there. The last few years they've added an extra game or two. Unfortunately they've played the games that coincided with the MLB League Championship Series and/or World Series here in the States. As a result, it was difficult decision for me to go there. This time around the Jets are playing the Miami Dolphins so when London called again, I decided I'm going regardless. Luckily for me, they're playing when the MLB season ends & the Division Series begins. With that being said, I was willing to sacrifice missing a minimal amount of baseball games in order to go there. The King on the other hand, refused to give in. In January, I requested the necessary time off from work which was approved. On May 14th, I booked my flight to go to London, England once & for all. It will be my very first time in Europe too. A new country & a new continent awaits me. Finally the United Kingdom is coming into focus as the month of October is fast approaching.

Here's the game plan:

Friday, October 2nd My flight on American Airlines that departs John F. Kennedy Airport at 6:20PM Eastern Time & it's scheduled to arrive in London, England at 6:20AM Saturday morning.

Upon arrival,  I hope to check into my hotel early. If not, I'll leave my bag with them. Once I do, the adventure will begin.

Saturday October 3rd Crystal Palace vs. West Brom 12:45PM Local Time EPL at Selhurst Park

                                    Chelsea vs. Southampton 5:30PM Local Time EPL at Stanford Bridge
Sunday October 4th Jets at Dolphins 2:30PM Local Time at Wembley Stadium

Monday October 5th I plan to do some sightseeing.   

Tuesday October 6th I'm taking a train ride to Leicester. I plan to meet up with fellow road tripper Rob Campion who lives there. He plans to show me around the area. We are also going to see Rugby World Cup match as Canada plays against Romania at 4:45PM Local Time. We'll go out for dinner afterwards then I'll board a train back to London. 

Wednesday October 7th USA vs. South Africa 4:45PM Local Time Rugby World Cup

Thursday October 8th Bristol Flyers at London Lions 7:30PM Local Time British Basketball League 

Friday October 9th I fly back home. I leave London at 12:50PM Local Time. I land at JFK in New York at 3:50PM Eastern Time.
Please feel free to check back for all the details of how this journey turned out. It's going to be an once in a lifetime trip for me.

If you want to join and/or meet up with me while we're there, please let me know so I can arrange to make it happen.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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