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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Royalty sees more sights in London!

Back on October 8th, I got up & I ate breakfast at the Grantly Hotel where I stayed while I was in Central London. After I ate, I walked over to the Underground at Shepherd's Bush. I took the Central Line train from there to Oxford Circus then I changed to the Piccadilly Line & I got off the first stop which was Piccadilly Circus. I went outside & I looked around the area which was a busy public space in the heart of London. It reminded me of Times Square here in NYC. There were theaters, shops & other forms of entertainment there. After getting a taste of the vicinity, I continued walking. In the process, I passed by Leicester Square which is known as the West End. They also have places of entertainment there as well. After I passed through that, I came to the Covent Garden which is another district on the eastern fringes of the West End. It's also where the Royal Opera House is located. I came across it as I was wandering around the nearby streets. I then proceeded to walk across the Waterloo Bridge which goes over the River Thames. The view was amazing & breathtaking as I looked around in all different directions. I was in the midst of the Jubilee Walkway which is an official walking route of London. I kept walking across the bridge with my mouth & eyes wide open. I then saw a sign that directed me towards the London Eye. I followed the signs & I got to the pier. There were plenty of people around waiting to take a ride on the big ferris wheel. Unfortunately I didn't have time to do so. I took in the beautiful view of it though. After relaxing for a short time & I walked until I got to the Westminster Bridge which I walked across. By doing so, I saw Big Ben in the distance.

Piccadilly Circus Underground Station
Piccadilly Circus
Leicester Square
Covent Garden
Me Outside Royal Opera House
Map of Jubilee Walkway
London Eye Pier
London Eye
Big Ben
After I crossed the bridge, I was in Parliament Square in the City of Westminster. I passed by Westminster Abbey. I was in awe of the incredible architecture as I walked through the area. There were a number of ancient buildings there. ‎I had seen some of them on the Free Royal Tour of London I had taken that Monday. This time it wasn't raining so it made it more scenic & enjoyable. After I took a look, I walked until I got to Trafalgar Square. While I was there I got to see the National Gallery which is a museum filled with paintings & artwork. It was another impressive looking site to see.‎ 

Parliament Square
Welcome to Westminster
Welcome to Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
Telephone Booth
Westminster Underground Station
Trafalgar Square
National Gallery
Stay tuned for another special post that will go into detail on how I spent the rest of that afternoon.

Thank you for reading & following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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