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Friday, March 14, 2014

Royalty w/o 1/27 in review

In between the two Stadium Series games I saw at Yankee Stadium at the end of January, I saw the Nets play the Toronto Raptors at the Barclays Center. Our pal Vincent Ascanio came up with a much more appropriate name for it. He calls it the Darklays Center. The reason being if & when you go there that you feel like you're in dungeon. It's so dark throughout the building. There's no lighting at all around the ceiling that covers the upper level. They barely have lights in the first few rows of the upper level too. They shine the lights they have on the basketball court itself to make those who happen to be there feel like they're at a theater. They call it  theater lighting. People like the King & I who like to keep score of the game come prepared with our little flashlights so we can see what we're trying to write down as the game is being played.

On that note, Monday January 27th I wound up seeing the game with my buddy Sean MacDonald who likes seeing the Canadian teams play since he's originally from Ottawa himself. 

As for the game we saw, it was a real seesaw battle from start to finish. The Raptors wound up out lasting the Nets, 104-103 which put a smile on Sean's face. 

Tuesday night after work I went to the Transformed Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play the Boston Celtics with the King who attended this game as well. 

As for the game we saw, it wasn't much of a game as the Knicks raced out to a big lead & they never looked back as they beat the Celtics, 114-88.

Thursday night I returned to the Garden. This time the Knicks took on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Just like Tuesday night, the Knicks proved to be much for the opposition as they whipped up on the Cavaliers, 117-86.

Friday night after work I met up with the King at the Darklays Center if you will. This time the Nets hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unlike Monday night, this game reminded me of the two I saw at the Garden. The only difference was the home team in this case, the Nets got their butts kicked. The Thunder tossed them a beating, 120-95 to end the month of January.

Saturday marked the start of February. It started different then I initially thought it would thanks to my pal Eddie Pelle who asked me if I wanted to go somewhere for the day. I told him I would love to. Eddie was off from work & he wanted to getaway. His only concern was the weather. He told me we had a few college basketball games either to our North or to our South. As the week went on, he said that the weather was supposed to be better to our North. With that being said, He went ahead & he rented a car. He picked me up bright & early & away we went. We decided to go to Upstate New York for the day.
Lacrosse at Andy Kerr Stadium
We drove to Hamilton, NY which is the home of Colgate University. Since we got there extra early, we were able to check out a Lacrosse scrimmage that was taking place at Andy Kerr Stadium between the Albany Great Danes & the Colgate Raiders. That was located within a short walk of the Reid Athletic Center where Cotterell Court, the home of the Colgate Raiders basketball team is located. They were hosting the Bucknell Bison that afternoon in a Patriot League match up.
Cotterell Court
As for the game we saw, the Bucknell Bison raced past the Raiders after a slow start as they defeated them, 79-68.

After the game, Eddie drove us to the University of Albany for another college basketball game. As we were driving there, we ran into some bad weather luckily we had enough time to get there. Eddie weathered the storm & he got us there safely. Upon arrival, I got to meet up with a few guys I've met from going to baseball games. I'm referring to Bob Deal & David Schaffer who happen to be Albany graduates. In matter of fact, it was a reunion of their alumni that particular night. As a result, Bob managed to get me into the special pre game party they had for them. It was called the Ferocious Feast. It was the 17th year they've been doing it. I wound up having some food & soda while I joined them briefly. Since I was hungry it worked out well for me. When we got done, we went into the SEFCU Arena which is the home of the Albany Great Danes. They were playing the Vermont Catamounts in their annual Big Purple Growl game. 

As for the game we saw, Great Danes weren't anything but great. They scored a paltry twelve points in the first half. The Catamounts scored 21 in a low scoring half. In the second half, it was higher scoring but the Catamounts went on to beat the Great Danes, 55-45.

After the game, Eddie drove me home. I got back around 1:15AM. I want to personally thank Eddie for taking me. I had a great time.

That Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday. Even though the game was being played at MetLife Stadium in nearby in East Rutherford, New Jersey, the King & I decided to pass up the opportunity to. First & foremost, it would have cost us a fortune just to get a ticket. When you figure in the hassle & hell we would have had to go through to get to & from there, we knew it wasn't necessary for us to go. We saw Super Bowl 35 in Tampa, Florida back in January 2001. Since we both like the Jets, we always say if they ever get to another Super Bowl we'll go again then.

However our buddy Eddie Pelle did have a ticket for the big game as did some other people we know. I'm talking about Sean MacDonald who saw every NFL stadium this season so it was fitting that he got to go so did Andrew Van Cleve & Larry Peim.

As for the King & I we went to our friend Frank Anichiarico's place to watch it on his HDTV. 

As for the game, as you know the Seahawks destroyed the Broncos, 43-8. It was a nice way to cap off a week of games we saw that were mainly blowouts.

Stay tuned for some posts that we'll go into detail about the rest of my adventurous month of February.

Thank you for reading & following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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