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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Royalty w/o 10/11 in review

Monday after having to work on Columbus Day, it was time to go back to the New Meadowlands Stadium for another Monday night football game.

This one was going to be interesting since we knew for a few months that former Jet quarterback Brett Farve was returning as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. In addition, the Vikings in deseparate need of a wide receiver decided to reacquire Randy Moss from the Patriots.

The addition of Moss added to the MNF matchup.

The game was scheduled to start at 8:30PM but thanks to mother nature the game was delayed 45 minutes due to lightning in the area.

The fans were asked to get out of the seating area and to stay in the concourses for safety reasons.

Royalty came prepared for the possibility of rain by bringing a poncho just in case. That turned out to be a wise decision since the rain let up and they were finally able to play. But as the game and the night wore on, it rained again so I didn't get totally drenched like some other people who didn't plan accordingly.

As for the game, the Jets wound up hanging on for a 29-20 victory.

Brett Farve threw a few touchdown passes. One to Randy Moss and another to Percy Harvin.

In the end, Brett Farve gave the Jet faithful the last laugh when he threw his only interception of the game that Dwight Lowery took to the house for a touchdown that secured the win for the Jets.

Royalty had company on this night as my friend Jack Erbs and his girlfriend Wendy met me near the Port Authority Bus Terminal and we went to and from the game together.

We wound up meeting the King there since he went to the Devil game in Newark that started at 4PM.

Furthermore, I got to see Hans Steiniger, who was visiting the New Meadowlands Stadium for the first time. Hans is a huge football fan and he loves to tailgate before and after every game he attends.

For further details about Hans, please check out his great website,

His site is also on my blog list. I strongly suggest that you take a look at his site. He's known for his "Quest for 31".

It was great to see Hans again. I met him for the first time last year at Giants Stadium when he came in for the Jets/Patriots game.

I do plan to see him again in Cleveland and New England when the Jets play in November and December.

After catching up on some much needed rest Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I went to Newark Friday night after work to see the NJ Devils take on the Colorado Avalanche at the Prudential Center.

The Devils fell behind 2-0 in this one and they couldn't catch up, they got within a goal but they fell short and lost to the Av's, 3-2.

Saturday morning I flew out to Denver, Colorado for the weekend to get a Rocky Mountain High on United Airlines.

After a false start, we finally took off from LaGuardia. We were going to be 25 minutes early going to Denver but believe it or not just before we were going to take off we were informed by the pilot that we needed to come back to the gate because there were bags that didn't belong on our flight. That's amazing considering nowadays they charge you to check your bags.

Thanks to that delay, we landed in Denver almost 25 minutes late which was a blessing in disguise for me.
Upon arrival, I rented a car from Alamo at the airport. I got a Toyota Corolla which was perfect for my needs. I didn't leave there until around 12 Noon Mountain time.

I was hoping to do the absolute impossible. I was hoping to stop in Fort Collins, Colorado to see the Colorado State/UNLV game that was starting at Noon. Thankfully I didn't get the opportunity to do so.

Instead I proceeded to drive to Laramie, Wyoming where I was planning to see the University of Wyoming Cowboys play the Utah Utes at 4PM Mountain time.

Sunday I went to the Jets/Broncos game at 2:05PM.

Please check back for all the details from this adventurous weekend.

Please bear with me as I try to play catch up. I've been very busy lately. When I have some free time I plan to go into further detail about this journey.

Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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