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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Royalty sees Gio Gonzalez at Team Store in Nationals Park!

Gio Gonzalez autograph signing at Team Store 
After I entered Nationals Park, I was told by the King that Gio Gonzalez is going to be signing autographs at the team store. I was all excited to hear that. As a result, I didn't have to look for him during batting practice.

With that being said, the King and I and Dave Block decided to wait on the long line so we could get Gio's autograph. It was worth the wait. Once we got close to Gio who was at a table signing, I yelled out to him. He instantly recognized me and he got up and he shook my hand and he showed me love. I took a picture for Dave while he was signing. It was really cool. Dave was impressed to say the least. The King had Gio sign the cover of his 2012 baseball games attended scorebook. I had him sign my scorebook again. After he signed, I spoke to him briefly. I told him I'll see him at Citi Field in September when the Nationals return to play the Mets.

Ironically Gio was scheduled to pitch again on Sunday and we weren't going to be there. What a surprise!

I was grateful to be able to see him again for a few minutes. It made my night.

For the time being, the first time I met Gio was in Sacramento on May 14, 2009 when he was at a table signing autographs in the minor leagues. This time I saw him again at a table signing autographs as a major leaguer. He has come so far in that time. I'm so proud of him.

Gio has made a name for himself in our Nation's Capitol and the fans love him there. I hope he continues to pitch well and I hope the Nationals become World Champions in October. Time will tell.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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