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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Royalty sees Yankees play Red Sox on Sunday Night with fellow roadtripper Dave Block!

Me and Dave Block outside Yankee Stadium
After we saw a minor league baseball game in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday afternoon, I drove us back to NYC so we could see the Yankees wrap up their series with the Boston Red Sox on Sunday night in the Bronx.

I originally planned to drive straight to the Bronx where I was going to park the car in the neighborhood like I usually do if and when I drive there.

This time there was a change in plans. Since Mike Carroll decided he wanted to go home I needed to drop him off by Grand Central Station so he could catch a Metro North train. Since it was around 7:20PM, I decided that I would just leave the car on the street in Manhattan and we could hop the subway up to the Bronx. By doing so, I didn't have to deal with the possible nightmare of parking the car in the Bronx as well as the traffic to get there. I've done that drill enough times over the years to know I was better off taking the subway instead.

We said goodbye to Mike Carroll who thank us for everything and he said he had a great time. We all enjoyed his company.

As for leaving the car in Manhattan, it worked out beautifully as the King, Dave and I walked over to the subway which was three or four blocks away to catch the 4 train up to the Bronx. We got a train within a few minutes so we had no problem getting to the Stadium on time. The King and I already had tickets for the game. We just needed to get Dave one since he decided to join us. After looking around outside for a short time, we were able to find one for him to get in the building. A guy had a bleacher ticket available. He said he would take $10 for it. So Dave quickly handed him a ten dollar bill and we went inside. I told him to come up with us behind home plate.

It worked out well since there were a few empty seats near where the King and I sit so Dave sat with us and we enjoyed the game together. What a perfect way to end an amazing weekend.

As for the game we saw, the Yankees took the rubber match of the series from their hated rival as Hiroki Kuroda pitched a gem. He went eight innings to earn the victory as the Yankees won the game, 4-1.

It should be noted that Ichiro Suzuki hit two solo home runs to help the cause. Too bad Peter Farrell wasn't there to see it live.

After the game, we took the train back to Manhattan. The King went to work and Dave went back to the car with me. He left his bag in the trunk. He told me he was meeting someone in the Village where he was spending the night so I told him I'll drive him there. True to my word, I took him where he needed to go. I didn't want him to take the subway to get there by himself. He may have gotten lost. I didn't want that to happen. I treat people the way I like to be treated. With that said, I gave him door to door service. I dropped him off right in front of the building at midnight.

We said our goodbyes. Dave was very grateful for all my kindness over the few days we spent together. I told him we'll be in touch and I said it was an absolute pleasure to have him along with us.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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