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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Royalty welcomes back the USRT as they return to NYC to see the Yankees play the Red Sox!

View from Section 420B Row 7
Friday when I was at work I contacted Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell aka the USRT because they were driving down from Buffalo to see the Yankees play the Red Sox.

I wanted to make sure they had the bases covered so their latest visit would be as painless as possible.
I wrote Andrew a text with some ideas that they could benefit from. I told them where they should eat outside the stadium so they don't waste their hard earned money inside. As expected, they took my advice. They were so grateful as always for my helpful hints. It's always a pleasure to see them and to guide them along.

I arranged to help them get tickets back in March when the Yankees had their presale. They wound up getting seats out by the right field foul pole on the terrace level. They really didn't want to sit there they said. So I told them to come by us we had a few empty seats. It worked out perfectly as we all got to sit together to watch and enjoy the game. We also caught up on our travels since we last met in May in Buffalo. We also discussed our future plans for the rest of the year.

As for the game we saw, it was a wild one aided by the long ball. As for the Yankees, Nick Swisher hit two more home runs, Curtis Granderson and Russell Martin also went deep. The Captain Derek Jeter made the game official when he hit a solo homer in the bottom of the fifth to tie the score at four. It was his 250th Major League home run of his Hall of Fame career. That came after the Red Sox' Dustin Pedroia had hit a three run shot to give the Red Sox their only lead of the night at 4-3. The Yankees broke the tie later as they went to beat the Red Sox, 6-4.

Peter Farrell was disappointed because one of his favorite players Ichiro Suzuki went hitless in three at bats. It was a rare opportunity for him to see him play live and he failed to get on base.

Despite that, Andrew and Peter both had a great time catching up with the King and I. After the game, we said our goodbyes until we meet again.

The King and I went home to get ready for our busy weekend while the Buffalo Boys were driving towards Boston since they were going to see their Buffalo Bisons play as part of a minor league doubleheader at Fenway Park. They call it the Futures Game. They were continuing their getaway on Sunday in Binghamton and Auburn, NY before they returned home late Sunday night.

Stay tuned as I recap our adventurous weekend getaway with some special guests who joined us for the royal ride.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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