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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royalty celebrates the Ultimate Sports Baby's First Birthday in Chicago!

Ultimate Sports Baby & Dad joined by the King and the Prince
Last May just before the King and I made our annual Wrigley Field visit, I was contacted by a guy named Andrew Van Cleve, the Ultimate Sports fan who has and will circle the globe to see any sporting event.

Andrew found me thanks to our friend Sean MacDonald . One day he came across Sean's website and blog when he was surfing the internet. As a result, he got wind of my blog too. He decided to take a chance and he sent me an e-mail in hopes that I would reach out to him.

I did and we've been in touch ever since. Just before we came to Chicago on May 14, 2010, Andrew informed me that his wife Nicole aka the Ultimate Sports wife gave birth to their first child, a boy on Mother's Day, May 9th.

When the major league baseball schedule came out back in the middle of September, I decided to plan to be back in Chicago in the middle of May. I didn't take into account that their son Dylan was going to be one around that time though.

A few months ago, Andrew mentioned to me that they were having a birthday party for Dylan. He asked me what the King and I were doing that Saturday afternoon before the Cub game that was scheduled to start at 6:10PM that night. I told him we didn't have anything set yet.

He replied would you and the King like to come to Dylan's first birthday party that afternoon which will take place between 1 and 3PM. I was speechless at first then after I gathered myself I told him we would be privileged and honored to do so.

As the time got closer, Andrew told me the details for the big bash. He said it was going to be at a place called D'Agostino's Pizza and Pub which was located within walking distance from Wrigley Field. Please stay tuned for the special post I'm going to do about this restaurant.

As for the party, the King and I went over there early so we could get situated and ready for this special occasion.
Besides Andrew, we didn't know anybody when we first walked into the restaurant. That changed instantly as Andrew introduced us to his parents who came in the Bay Area to be part of this memorable day.
Ironically his parents met Sean MacDonald a few weeks prior when they were still home. Sean was in the States on a three week sports road trip of his own out in California and Nevada. Andrew was out there too so they met up and he introduced him to them. What a small world it really is.

I can see why Andrew is such a great guy. He's blessed to have such wonderful parents. The King and I enjoyed spending some precious time talking with them. They travel all over the globe like their son who showed them the way it's done.

For example, his father told us about a trip that they took to Italy. Andrew arranged it for them and he made sure they saw a sporting event too. His father said they wound up at a basketball game that was being played 15 minutes away from their hotel. What a convenience he said. Upon hearing this story, I was left in awe.

Andrew proceeded to introduce us to his lovely wife Nicole aka the Ultimate Sports wife or should I say "Doctor". Nicole just got her doctorate degree as she's now a PHD. Now that's an accomplishment.

Congratulations again, Nicole. You are a very special lady. She referred to us as the Prince and the King. What a thrill it was to finally met her.

Last but not least we got to meet the youngest person as far as I'm concerned to see a live baseball game at a mere 3 days old at Wrigley Field no less. He's none other than the Ultimate Sports baby, Dylan Salvatore Van Cleve. In fact, according to his Daddy Andrew, Dylan has seen 65 sporting events in his first year on the planet. That's definitely a record for sure. I hope the Guinness Book of World Records is taking notes.

As for Dylan, when the party was over I joked around that he's my adopted son. I should be so blessed. He was not only adorable but he was so such a good boy all afternoon long. It's true he was the center of attention but it was amazing how well behaved he was. He had a blast.

As for us, we didn't come empty handed. We bought him a Phillie Phanatic doll. I came up with a brainstorm. Since Dr. Nicole is going to be a professor in the fall at Temple University in Philadelphia, it made perfect sense.

Dylan will probably grow up to be a Phillie phan. If not, his favorite mascot will be the Phanatic. He's mine. Andrew and Nicole thought it was a great idea since it came from royalty.

As for the party overall, it was truly a day I'll cherish for many years to come.

It was in my eyes, the highlight of the weekend. The food was excellent, the company was second to none and the cake was so fitting. It had a baseball glove and it said and I quote "Holy Cow, Dylan's 1"! They acknowledged the late great Cub broadcaster, Harry Caray, who was known for using that terminology on the air.

I want to personally thank the Van Cleve family for giving the King and I the opportunity to celebrate this special day with them.

Stay tuned as the rest of the weekend recap will eventually follow.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Your truly,

Gary Herman

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