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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Royalty goes to Miller Park after enjoying the "Suite" life at Wrigley Field!

Miller Park
After you go to baseball heaven, things tend to spiral downward. In other words, when you start at the top, it's all downhill from there.

As for the King and I, we still try to make the best of the circumstances we're given.

With that being said, we attacked the Chicago rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon and we made our way to Miller Park in Milwaukee so we could see another baseball game.

I managed to do 24 miles in the first hour upon our departure from the streets of Wrigleyville at 4:47PM.

The second hour I managed to do another 59 miles. A few minutes later I wound up parking the car on the street within walking distance of Miller Park at 6:51PM for a 7:10PM first pitch as the Milwaukee Brewers were taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We survived the worse drive of the trip. We knew exactly what to expect since we've done this drive numerous times over the last 20 years.

As for Miller Park, it's located across the way from where Old County Stadium was. With that being said, it's a convenient location and more importantly it has a retractable roof so they can play the game regardless of the weather conditions.

In order to get to Miller Park from Chicago you have to eventually take I-94 West which goes through South Milwaukee where the airport is located at exit 318. You continue through downtown Milwaukee which is exit 312 I believe. Please be aware of the construction that's ongoing in this area. Once you get through that, you'll see Miller Park in the distance. As you approach the area, there are signs that guided you to Miller Park Way which is exit 308 and before you know it you have arrived.

You can park in their massive parking lots which surround the stadium. If you choose to do so, I strongly suggest you get there early if possible so you can take in the Wisconsin experience.

Whenever we've gone to a Brewer game in Milwaukee, it always seems like we're at a football game because everybody's outside their cars tailgating and having a great time before they decide to head into the ballpark.

Milwaukee is known for its beer and brats. In matter of fact, the Miller Brewery is located right nearby. You can even smell the alcohol as you walk over to the ballpark which makes for a fitting touch.

As for the brats, Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin has the best around. They serve a brand called Klement's. When you go to a Brewer game, treat yourself to one and see. Please make sure you eat it right by requesting sauerkraut and the famous secret sauce that they use to give it that unique taste.

By doing so, you may not be in baseball heaven like in Chicago but you'll be in Brat heaven instead.
As for the usual game experience, Miller Park like County Stadium provides for an unique family entertainment atmosphere.

At Miller Park, they're celebrating their 10th anniversary. The Brewer tradition has continued throughout the years. From the famous Sausage race to the 7th inning stretch when they "Roll out the Barrel" to Bernie Brewer going down his slide in left field when a Brewer hits a home run.

Furthermore, they even have one dollar tickets on the day of the game. They're known as the "Uecker" seats in honor of their radio announcer, the legendary Bob Uecker, who is notorious for saying and I quote "I must be in the front row". That's another reason to get to Miller Park early so you can get in for just a buck.

As for the game, we saw the Brewers beat up on their whipping boys, the Pittsburgh Pirates, 5-2.

The Brewers had beaten the Pirates 29 out of their last 31 games that were played here in Milwaukee.

Regardless of the outcome, it was fun to be in the building to take in all of the traditional festivities.

Stay tuned as the best is still yet to come from this incredible weekend.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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