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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Journey has begun

Well the trip has started and it definitely started with a bang. After making my way flawlessly to New York I dropped off my bags at the King's (Mike Casiano) place I headed toward Manhattan to meet up with the Prince (Gary Herman).
I met up with Gary around 2 and had a little time to burn till he got off work, so I burned some time cruising around Times Square. After Gary got off work we headed to Yankee Stadium and thats when the royal treatment began.Gary showed me how to beat the high ballpark stadium fares by grabbing a great sandwich at Court Deli Restaurant before the game and taking it inside the ballpark. We then took the "Royal" entrance into Yankee Stadium.
Oakland jumped out to an early lead but quickly fell flat on their face as the Yankees started blasting starting pitcher Trevor Cahill in the second. Cahill only ended up making it 2 innings and gave up a monstrous 10 runs, including a homer to Nick Swisher and a grand slam to Mark Teixiera. After it was all over it was an NFL score in the books as the Yankees won 17 to 7. Today Mike, Gary and I packed our bags and headed to Pittsburgh to see the Cardinals play the Pirates.

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