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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Royalty is hitting the road hard at the end of July with special guest and roadtripper, Paul Derrick!

Over the years, the King and I and numerous others have made some of the most memorable and unique sports road trips you can ever imagine.

Unfortunately we have the misfortune of holding down full time jobs which limits the time we get to go away.
With that being said, we always maximize the time off we have to the fullest. Like everybody else we play the cards we're dealt.

We've never seen all the parks and/or stadiums in the same year and we may never get to do it.

As an alternative, we do things differently than most people. We do it the royal way.

The King loves to maximize the number of games he sees each and every day of the year.

I prefer to see as much quality as possible. In other words, the more places we can see in a short period of time the better even if it means giving up a "number" if you will.

Well back in January, I got in contact with a young man named Paul Derrick who lives in Houston, Texas.
He saw my blog and he was totally amazed. He decided to pick my brain. I told him please feel free to do so. He told me and I quote "be careful what you wish for." He refers to me as his "sports travel idol."

On July 22nd, my wish and his dream will come true. He's flying in from Houston aka H-Town as people like to call it to the Big Apple aka New York City. For the record, he was here a few years ago in 2009 and he went to Citi Field and Yankee Stadium.

The initial seed will be planted upon his arrival. Time will tell how much it will grow.

Paul is an up and coming sports traveler. He did time in the Army and he has spent time in different parts of the world. Now he wants to pursue his love for sports to go along with his love for travel here in North America.

As far as I'm concerned, he couldn't have found a better pair of people in the King and I to show him the way on how it's done. With our experience and know how, Paul will be a pro in no time.

We're going to embark on a journey to parts of the country that he's never been to before. The King and I on the other hand are masters of this territory. He's going to be in for a real treat.

He's an overview of the game plan that I have set up for us:

We're going to see 13 baseball games in 9 days in 13 different ballparks. 8 major league games and 5 minor league games. We'll be driving and stopping off in 10 different states along the way.

Here's how it will go as long as mother nature cooperates:

Friday July 22nd Athletics at Yankees 7:05PM

Saturday July 23rd Cardinals at Pirates 7:05PM

Sunday July 24th Angels at Orioles 1:35PM

                           Trenton Thunder at Bowie Bay Sox 6:05PM

Monday July 25th Padres at Phillies 1:05PM 

                            Potomac Nationals at Wilmington Blue Rocks 7:05PM

Tuesday July 26th Mets at Reds 7:05PM

Wednesday July 27th Angels at Indians 12:05PM

                                 Aberdeen Ironbirds at Jamestown Jammers 7:05PM

Thursday July 28th SI Yankees at Batavia Muckdogs 11:05AM

                              Hudson Valley Renegades at Auburn Doubledays 7:05PM

Friday July 29th Angels at Tigers 7:05PM

Saturday July 30th Mets at Nationals 7:05PM

I'm renting a car for 9 days and I plan to drive around 3,400 miles give or take.

Stay tuned for the aftermath of this "royal experience on the road."

Since I can't text while I drive. Paul is going to be my guest blogger for this trip. He''s not just going for the ride, I'm putting him to work too. Since he loves to write like me it will be a thrill for him to document this special excursion.

As I like to say we give you royal treatment and an education too.

Wait and see what Paul has to say when this adventure is all said and done.

If you want to be a part of the story, let me know and I'll arrange to have you meet up with us along the way.

Paul and I have been in constant contact writing each other back and forth since January. Everything I told him will come true and then some. That's a promise. Wait and see. My talk is not cheap, it's priceless.

For more details about Paul, please feel free to check out his sports travel blog. It's on my blog list under his name and it's called Sporting Puma. He's still a rookie right now. When he returns home to H-Town, he's going to be like the King and I, a seasoned vet.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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