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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Royalty reunites with ballpark chaser, Sharon McCard at Citi Field!

Sharon McCard with the King and I
Last August when the King and I went to Baltimore to see the Orioles play at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, we got to meet up with another ballpark chaser while we were there. Her name is Sharon McCard and she happens to be a big Met fan even though she lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania of all places. Ironically my parents have a place there too.

On Saturday afternoon, Sharon showed up at Citi Field for the first time. It was the 25th different ballpark she has been to she said. Some of them she's been to are no longer around. She still has a number of places to get to. She knows when she needs any assistance, royalty is here to help speed up the process.

She wound up driving to Philadelphia where she caught a bus that was taking people to the game. She said she was one of three Met fans that were on the bus. Since the Phillies were playing the Mets, it was an opportunity for their fans to take a road trip to NYC.

As a result, Sharon decided to join them. Even though the Mets lost two of the three games, she picked the right one to attend as it turned out. It must have been a tough ride back for the majority of the people on the bus who saw their Phillies lose.

As for their seats in the ballpark, they were sitting by the home run apple out in centerfield. Wisely she decided to give herself an upgrade. Despite being afraid of heights, she came up to the "royal" box if you will in section 516 row 3 where the King and I sit.

Luckily we had one open seat available for Sharon. She wound up watching most of the game with us. We enjoyed each other's company.

I want to personally thank Sharon for joining us. It was an absolute pleasure to have her.

Hopefully we'll hook up at a ballpark again soon.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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