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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Meadowlands Stadium in Review

Opening Kickoff at New Meadowlands Stadium 
The Jets and the Giants have a new home.

Being a Jet fan, it's about time. I only wish they were back in Queens where they really belong.

As for the Giants, they had arguably the best football stadium in the NFL in Giants Stadium.

Instead of the Giants staying in Giants Stadium and the Jets moving to a new stadium on their own, they decided to join forces and build one stadium for both teams.

Every time I passed by the new stadium which is now called the New Meadowlands Stadium, I would cringe.

I thought things would never be the same going to see a football game in the Meadowlands now that Giants Stadium is completely gone.

I honestly must say I was proven wrong to a point.

I went to see the first football game in the new stadium last night.

In the end, I was pleasantly surprised.

I took the bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan for $10 round trip.

I could have taken the train from Penn Station and changed in Secaucus Junction for the train that drops you off right at the stadium. That would have cost $10.50 round trip.

Since I didn't have a parking pass, I didn't think driving and dealing with the traffic was going to be the right option for me.

In the end, I'm happy I took the bus. The next time I'll probably try the train.

As for the stadium experience, once I got off the bus I had to walk towards the new stadium.

In the process, I had to walk on the newly created parking area where Giants Stadium once stood.

It was depressing to say the least.

A perfectly usable Stadium was knocked down for no good logical reason.

It was time to officially move on. So I proceeded to walk into the West Gate of the new stadium.

Upon entry, I instantly noticed a dramatic change. You are now allowed to bring a bag into the stadium. It can't be more than a certain size but that's a major improvement over years passed in Giants Stadium.

I got my ticket scanned and I continued into the stadium.

I was amazed by all the open space there was for people to hang out.

I finally got to the concourse area. It was rather plain and bland. I did notice a gigantic team store nearby.
I went inside and it was massive. People were shopping like it was Christmas looking to buy up their new Jets apparel and other souvenirs from the inaugural season at the new stadium.

I decided to walk around the concourse and see the different food they had to offer.

They had a variety of local specialties that consisted of a New York Delicatessen, a New York style Pizza stand, Barbeque, Hot Dogs and Cheesesteaks.

As a whole, it wasn't an impressive food selection compared to many of the new venues that have opened in the last decade.

I peaked in at the different vantage points on the lower level to get a feel for the game action.

I wasn't impressed with most of the views. When I thought of the price structure, I said to myself you've got to be kidding plus a PSL i.e. Personal Seat License fee too.

I continued up to the next level after climbing the steps to get there. I looked in and once again I didn't see what was so special. The seats were pushed back and far from the game action.

Finally, I found an escalator that took me to the top level.

I wasn't expecting things to get better but thankfully I was actually proven wrong.

Unlike the lower level, where the concourse is very spread out, the upper level was narrower.

Once I finally arrived at my seat in section 312 row 13 seat 21 right on the 30 yard line which was very similar to my Giants Stadium view in section 310, I realized I was in heaven for a mere $105 a game and thankfully no PSL.

Yes, it was a lot higher up than Giants Stadium but being that I've been to all the other NFL venues so I knew what to expect before I got to the stadium.

With that being said, I'm very happy to call the New Meadowlands Stadium my new fall/winter home.

As for the architecture, I'm always a big critic. I remember years ago when buildings were made to last a lifetime. Nowadays everything looks so cheaply made especially when you look up close.

As for the seats, they were different shades of grey and they were made of thick hard plastic just like Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

It was quite the contrary from the "Palace in Dallas" where the seat I sat in with a $129 face value in the corner of the end zone was razor thin plastic.

As for the total experience, I was somewhat impressed overall. It's a very big and bland building with no real identity. They have the ability to change the lighting so it can look like a home for both teams. My main concern is to watch the game from a good vantage point. Luckily for me, I got that. So I'm a satisfied customer but I know they screwed a lot of people when they decided to build this new cash cow.

Welcome to the greedy 21st century.

As for the game itself, check back for my special post regarding that.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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