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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain High in October!

In the music industry, they say the hits just keep on coming. In the travel industry, the trips keep on coming.

When you live the life of royalty, you never know what's coming next. I have alot of travel plans in the works but since they're not finalized yet I don't want to advertise them. Once I finalize them, I'll post them up for your viewing pleasure.

In the meantime, in the middle of October I'm getting a Rocky Mountain High.

The game plan is as follows:

As it stands now, I'll be going solo. My travel partner, the King, most likely has to work and he doesn't want to commit with the baseball post season interfering that weekend.

Saturday, October 16th I have a flight booked on United Airlines that departs NY LaGuardia Airport at 8AM Eastern Time and it's scheduled to land in Denver, Colorado at 10:35AM Mountain Time.

Upon arrival there's an outside shot that I may take a chance and race up to Fort Collins which is 70 miles North of Denver to see the Colorado State Rams play the University of Nevada Las Vegas aka UNLV in a college football game that kicks off at Noon local time.

It all depends on what time I get in and pick up my car rental.

Regardless I'm definitely planning to go to Laramie, Wyoming to see the University of Wyoming play the University of Utah in a college football game that starts at 4PM.

Laramie is 150 miles from the Denver International Airport. Fort Collins is conveniently on the way there. So if I deem it worth my while I'll give it a shot. It will be a "gametime" decision.

Sunday, October 17th, I'll be back in Denver at Invesco Field to see the Denver Broncos take on the Jets. Kickoff is scheduled for 2:05PM local time.

Monday, October 18th I'll be flying home. My flight on United Airlines departs Denver at 8:22AM Mountain Time and lands at LaGuardia at 2:09PM Eastern Time.

Please feel free to check back for all the details of how it turned out.

If you want to join me, please let me know so I can arrange to make it happen.

Thank you for reading.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman



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