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Friday, August 6, 2010

Royal treatment for visitors from Burns, Oregon

Me & Kevin Feist
On Friday, August 6th, I was at Yankee Stadium watching the Red Sox play the Yankees.

During the game, I noticed a guy coming up in our section wearing an Oregon Ducks shirt.

I decided to ask him if he knew what time the Ducks were playing on September 4th against New Mexico.
He said he didn't know. I told him that the New Mexico website had the game starting at 12:30PM Pacific Time. The Ducks website said it was TBA.

He said 12:30 sounded like it should be right.

We continued to talk during the game. I told him I'm planning to go to that game when I'm out in the Northwest that weekend. He said his son Caleb will be going too. I plan to meet him there.

He wound sitting right in the row behind me. We exchanged contact information.

He said and I quote "it's a small world".

He told me that he and his family were visiting New York for the very first time.

He said they were from Burns, Oregon which is a small town of around 4,000 people in the Southeast corner.

His name was Kevin Feist. He was with his wife Toni, and their 3 children, 2 boys Caleb and Austin and a girl, Carli. In addition, they were accompanied by his brother-in-law Bob and his wife Linda who were from Carson City, Nevada.

Kevin told me that his son Caleb is going to be a freshman this fall. He's going to school at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.

Ironically, his son plays baseball and his college coach is going to be former Yankee Scott Brosius.

Kevin said that his sister is good friends with Scott Brosius.

Kevin also mentioned he's a baseball coach too. In addition, he said he knew Kellen Clemens since he coached him in high school in Burns who also went to school at the University of Oregon and is the backup quarterback for the Jets.

When I saw the Jets play the other night, Kellen Clemens came in and I instantly thought of Kevin.

We spoke until the end of the game. I said to myself I'll going to take these people back to their hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

It was a rare night where I actually had time on my hands.

So after the game, I took pictures of the whole family. Then I escorted them to the subway.

Normally I take the 4 train to go home but since they needed the D train, I decided I'll go that way instead.

Fortunately I did for their sake, we walked towards the entrance of the stairway to the D train and it was wall to wall people.

I told them to follow me, we went upstairs towards the 4 train. I know there's a way to get back downstairs to get the D train.

It seemed like a longer way around until we got back downstairs inside the subway station and we saw the mob of people still trying to get to the turnstiles.

If we stayed where we were who knows how long we would have had to wait just to get into the subway station.

These people were amazed how I knew exactly how to out maneuver the crowd.

We proceeded to get right on the D train and off to Midtown we went.

We got off the train by Rockefeller Center. I decided to walk with them to their hotel so they wouldn't get lost.

I took them all right to the lobby of the Hilton Garden hotel where they were staying.

That's how royalty gives perfect strangers the royal treatment.

As a result, they were all very grateful for my kindness.

I had some rare spare time so I wanted to make good use of it and I did.

I did a good deed and I'm very proud of it.

These people contacted me before they left to go back home and they told me what a great time they had here and they look forward to coming back someday.

I hope they do, it will be an absolute pleasure to accomodate these people again.

I want to thank them for giving me that opportunity to do so.

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