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Monday, August 2, 2010

Remembering Thurman Munson 8/2/79

The Captain

During the Yankee/Blue Jay game, there was a brief video tribute to remember a Yankee legend.

It started with a distinct voice now batting catcher number 15 Thurman Munson.

They proceeded to show highlights of the Captain before his untimely death 31 years ago.

I remember being at sleep away camp when I heard the sad news.

Thurman got killed when his private plane crashed near his home in Canton, Ohio.

They did name the ballpark there in the Canton-Akron area after him.

The Cleveland Indians Double A farm team in the Eastern League played there.

I did see a game there as well.

Since then the team moved to downtown Akron into a beautiful new modern ballpark.

Just like we don't forget the tragic day of 9/11, the Yankees and their fans don't forget their Captain.

Thurman may you rest in peace.

Thank for all the memories you gave us during your playing days.

He did play for the 1977 and 1978 World Championship teams.

He may be gone but he's not forgotten.

Royalty remembers.

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