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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Royalty returns to NYC to take in Fan Fest at Jacob Javits Center!

Monday morning July 14th I went to Avis and I returned the Chevy Cruze I rented for the weekend. I drove 1,143 miles safely.

I took vacation days from work that Monday & Tuesday so I could enjoy the All-Star game festivities with getting too stressed out doing so. It was much more relaxing that way.

Me at the Fan fest
As a result, I took a few buses to the subway as I made my way into Manhattan so I could go to the All-Star Fan Fest that was taking place at the Jacob Javits Center on the West side of midtown Manhattan.

Daily Events at Fan Fest 
The Fan Fest consisted of a number of different areas that define the history of the game of baseball. They had a section that honored the Negro Leagues, the Minor Leagues and the Major Leagues. It was a one stop shop for baseball fans of all ages. People from all over the country were walking around taking in the festive and educational atmosphere.

It should be noted they had different interactive areas for people of all ages to participate in. In addition, there were different players signing autographs at different times for those who like to collect players' signatures from years past. They had some former Mets and Hall of Famers doing the honors.

Furthermore, they had different booths where people were selling and promoting merchandise of the game of baseball.

It was a nice way for everybody to take part in the festivities even if they couldn't make it out to the ballpark.

I really enjoyed the time I spent there. Believe it or not, it was the first All-Star Fan Fest that I've attended.

Stay tuned for a special post I'm going to do that will go into detail about one of the vendors I saw while I was there.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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