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Friday, July 19, 2013

Royalty sees Gio Gonzalez as the Washington Nationals return to Citi Field to play the Mets to end June!

Friday night after work I raced out of my office at 5:30PM in Midtown Manhattan so I could go right to Citi Field to catch the end of batting practice. More importantly, my main goal was to see my boy Gio Gonzalez again. When I arrived at the ballpark, I went out to short left field. I noticed Gio with his red glove standing out there. I was all excited. I got myself in position by going all the way down to the first row near where he was standing and I yelled out his name. He looked over and I he acknowledged me. I patiently waited until after batting practice ended. I told me the people around the area that Gio will come over. When it did, Gio started to walk off the field towards the dugout. I proceeded to yell at him again. Once he saw it was me, he backtracked and he came over to me. He shook my hand and we started to talk briefly. I asked him to sign a few pictures for me. One was for a young lady that met Gio at one of his functions that his Foundation did recently. Her name is Neva. I met her on Twitter. She's apparently less fortunate in life than some of us. I told her to e-mail me the picture of her and Gio which she had in her profile picture on Twitter. She listened to me and she did so. When I got it, I printed out in color for her. I didn't make any promises to her. I told her I'll do my very best to get Gio to sign it for her.

Since I'm a persistent person who doesn't except no for answer, I was determined to come through for her. True to my word, I did indeed. When Gio saw the picture of her with him, I asked him if he remembered her. He said he did. I told him she said hello. In addition, another young lady I met on Twitter is also is a big fan of Gio. I told him she said hello too.

Me & Gio Gonzalez at Citi Field
With that being said, Gio made my night complete and then some. First of all, he personally signed a picture I took with him back in April at Citi Field with his bobblehead box that he signed for me. Secondly, he told me he reads my blog and he said and I quote "you travel more than anybody." Thirdly, I asked him about getting a game worn jersey from him. He told me and I quote "I'll get you one, what color do you want." I told him white gets too dirty. I also said I don't care for the red and/or blue alternate ones. I said I want a gray one. I like traditional uniforms. The Nationals' road jersey reminds me of the old Montreal Expos' design before they relocated to our Nation's Capitol back in 2005. It has Washington in script across the front in red and red numbers on the back. Gio said and I quote "I'll personalize it for you." If and when I get it, I plan to wear it proudly to all the games I go to.

I can't wait to arrange to get the jersey from Gio. That's my next mission. I did give him a folder with my contact information again and some pictures of him and I for his own personal collection.

I told him I was coming over the weekend too. Saturday since I had to do my laundry in the morning I got to Citi Field too late to even attempt to see him again.

Gio Gonzalez warming up in the bullpen 
Sunday I knew he was pitching so the only way I could see him was to go out to the bullpen area. I got there in time to see him stretching out in the outfield. He was zoned in at the time. He was listening to music as he got himself ready for the game at hand. Once he took out his ear plugs and he headed towards the bullpen, I got his attention and he acknowledged my presence. I proceeded to watch him warm up in the bullpen. I took some pictures before I went upstairs to my seat in section 516.

Thank you for reading and following along.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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