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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Royalty remembers that tragic day 9 Years Ago at Citi Field!

Back on September 11, 2001 I took the Q46 bus to the E train that terminates at the World Trade Center as I was going to work.

Little did I know that when I was in transit at 8:45AM the first plane hit into the World Trade Center. I was frustrated that the lousy E train was crawling along at the time.

I finally got to my office building in Midtown Manhattan and I headed up the elevator when I heard people in the elevator talking about crashing something into the Empire State Building. I sensed that something was wrong. When I was walking to my office and I found out what had happened.

Needless to say, I was all shook up.

I sat at my desk looking at the internet and seeing what occurred that morning. I was sick to my stomach.

After being in the office for a few hours, they decided to sent us home.

My friend James and I walked over the Queensboro bridge into Queens where he had his car parked. He wound up driving me home. I remember we were on the highway and it was a ghost town.

It was a horrible day that I'll never forget.

Today on the nine year anniversary I went to Citi Field to see the Mets play the Phillies.

Before the game, they had a tribute to those who were lost on that day. There was a moment of silence as well.

They showed a video when baseball resumed 10 days later at Shea Stadium. Mike Piazza delivered a game winning home run to give NYC something to be happy about in the wake of these tragic events.

It was a touching moment.

I remember that day well since I went to Shea Stadium after serving Jury Duty.

I hope we never experience a horrible day like that ever again.

God bless those families who lost family members on that tragic day.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman 


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