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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Sheppard: Remembering a NY Legend

Bob Sheppard
Today 7/11/10 was a very sad day in New York sports.

We lost a legend who was the known as "the voice of Yankee Stadium" who spent 56 years from 1951-2007 behind the mike there.

He also did the public address for NY Giants football as well.

Yankee baseball and Giant football hasn't been the same the last few years since he retired due to health reasons.

Today Bob Sheppard passed away at the tender age of 99.

He will always be remembered. May he rest in peace.

Bob, thank you for all the memories you give us over the years.

His voice will continue to be heard everytime Derek Jeter bats at Yankee Stadium since he had a recording done of his signature introduction.

 Now batting number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2.

In his honor when they announce the defensive alignment the players do so in just like Bob would have.

He was notorious for blurting out random names.

It was great to listen to his distinct voice.

When he did Giant games I always loved when he would say and I quote "ball carried by Way" in reference to Giants running back Charles Way.

Another notable call was when a player ran and got tackled Bob would say "spilled by". He was unique and be solely missed.

The legendary voice of God is long gone.

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