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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in KC!

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 

After we saw the Cardinal game we drove towards KC per our friend Steve Fekete's request.

Kansas City here we come via I-70.

It brought back fond memories of when the King & I raced back and forth from St. Louis and KC back on August 5 & 6, 1992.

We saw the Cardinals play that Wednesday afternoon then we drove to KC to to see the Royals that play that night. On Thursday we saw the Royals play in the afternoon then we drove back to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play again that night. It was a nice ride going across the Show Me State.

This time we stayed in Grain Valley, Missouri at a Travelodge which was only 24 miles from downtown KC.

Saturday morning we woke up and drove into Kansas City not once but twice.

If you don't know Kansas City is in 2 states, Missouri and Kansas. We took a ride into Kansas so we could get some gas to help the local economy and to make sure our friend Bryan Gilligan could step foot in a new state, Kansas.

On the way back we stopped off in Downtown KC on the Missouri side and we visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Sad to say way back in the day, blacks weren't allowed to play in the Major Leagues. They had played in their own League known as the Negro Leagues. Many great black players like Josh Gibson, Buck O'Neill and Satchel Paige weren't given an opportunity to showcase their talent in the Major Leagues.

It was an educational experience to see how these players were discriminated against.

Unfortunately we weren't able to take pictures inside the museum.

If you happen to be in Kansas City and you're a big time baseball fan, I strongly suggest that you take in this experience. It will be very worthwhile for you.

In addition, if you like American Jazz there's a museum there too.

Stay tuned as the journey continues.

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