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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Target Field - the new home of the Twins

Target Field
After spending the last 29 years indoors the Minnesota Twins have a ballpark that has green grass and blue skies.

After three tries, they finally hit the "bullseye."

Target Field is the brand new of home of the Twins.It's conveniently located right downtown in Minneapolis. It's right next door to the Target Center which is the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves. With the addition of a light rail, getting to and from the area is very easy for the locals.

Royalty didn't utilize that option. We were driving everywhere. As for parking, we found a close space on the street just a short walk away from the ballpark.

In addition, there was a Holiday gas station right there and a convenience store to accomodate our last minute needs.

Upon arrival we proceeded to walk to the ballpark.

We passed right by the light rail which is located out in left field.

We then walked around the outside of the park which was my 56th major league park.

The King & I once again can proudly say we've been to every current park.

As for the outside of the park, it was well decorated with plenty of Minnesota Twins history through the years.

We waited patiently for the gates to open so we can take a birdseye view of the inside.

This park has its uniqueness to it. It had a yellowish tan look to it. They said it's known as Minnesota Rock.

As a whole, this is a rather impressive place to see a game.

We had the privilege of seeing two of them.

The first one ironically for me was that they were playing the Chicago White Sox.

Back on August 24, 1989, I saw my first Twin game in the Metrodome.

They played the White Sox that day too. The Twins wound up winning 6-4 that afternoon.

On this night we saw a seesaw battle that the White Sox holding on to win, 8-7!

Stay tuned as the royalty experience continues.

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