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Friday, July 30, 2010

Special guests make Friday nights at Citi Field more enjoyable!

In my previous post regarding the signature call, I said I was going to give an example.

Last night was Friday so right in front of the King & I, we saw our usual Friday fans in row 2.

These guys have been coming to all the Friday night home games throughout the season this year.

They happen to be brothers.

They're Steve & Jon Work.

These guys are big Met & baseball fans.

Steve in particular is a baseball trivia buff according to his brother Jon who is celebrating his birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Jon!

As always it was a pleasure to see you and Steve last night at Citi Field.

Thanks to the King's signature call these guys have taken a liking to sitting by us and needless to say they truly love his added entertainment.

Despite the Mets losing last night, we did enjoy each other's company.

These guys were talking about the possibility of going to Philadelphia next Saturday night to see the Mets.

I gave them both my business card so if they need any assistance they know Royalty is here to service their needs and wants in that regard.

I look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when the Phillies come to Citi Field for a weekend set with the Mets.

In the meantime, if they want to know what the King and I are up to all they have to do is check out the blog.

I want to personally thank Steve & Jon for being part of the Royalty experience.

Yours truly,

Prince Charming

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