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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roadtrippers reunite at Target Field!

Twins win!

We spent the night in Des Moines, Iowa at a Super 8 on our way back to the Twin Cities for the grand finale of this epic excursion.

If you've been following along you can tell we were having a blast.

With that being said, we decided to save our best for last.

We arrived back in Minneapolis around Noon.

We had to fight some ballpark traffic but by 12:15PM we were back where we started the trip that being a short walk from Target Field.

We parked for free again and we were in position to get gas at the Holiday gas station which was a stone's throw from the car before we headed back to the airport to catch our 7PM flight home.

We proceeded to walk over to Target Field to meet up with some more very special people.

Those people were none other than Andrew & Peter Farrell aka USRT.

In case, you don't know what that stands for, they are the Ultimate Sports Road Trip as they call themselves.

Here's the link to their website and blog:

In addition, we also saw a few guys who were originally from Ottawa, Canada.

They were Sean MacDonald who now resides in Tokyo, Japan and has since 1996.

Sean is a great guy who gave me the the final push to get my blog started.

He has traveled all over North America as well as other parts of the World to see live sporting events.

Here's the link to his blog:

Please feel free to check out his great blog.

He was joined by his friend Peter Sharp who he refers to as "Sharpy".

Peter is a good guy as well we met him for the first time last year when he joined Sean in his visit to New Yankee Stadium.

We went over to Target Field to meet these guys to get our tickets that we were able to purchase for face value thanks to the Twins Vice President of Marketing, Patrick Klinger.

I want to personally thank Patrick Klinger for accomodating us and allowing us all to sit together for this special occasion.

We all had a great time reliving our past adventures throughout the game.

As for the game, we saw an amazing finish to another fabulous journey.

The hometown Twins won the game in their last at bat.

They were down 6-3 and they stormed all the way back against White Sox closer Bobby Jenks who blew the save.

Alex Rios threw the ball away that allowed the winning run to score with the bases loaded and no out in the bottom of the ninth inning.

What a way to end the game and our getaway.

As you can see in the picture it was a very happy bunch of Twins.

After that we were on our way to the airport to catch our flight as was Andrew & Peter.

As for Sean & Peter, they were continuing their trip through the Midwest.

Please check their websites and blogs for in depth analysis of Target Field.

These guys did a tremendous job of breaking it down and they posted a number of pictures to give you a real feel for it. But nothing beats seeing it for your own eyes.

Stay tuned for one last segment on this trip.

Yours truly,

Gary Herman

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