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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Gio Gonzalez watch continued in KC!

Gio Gonzalez

In a previous post, I wrote a piece on Oakland Athletics starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez.

When I was writing that post I somehow forgot that I was going to see the Athletics in Kansas City.

After I posted it I realized that it had slipped my mind.

Luckily I caught myself and I made sure upon entering Kauffman Stadium when the gates opened that I went down to see Gio.

Despite the sun beaming down, I still was able to get his attention.

We started talking and a few moments later a ball came his way.

He proceeded to toss it up to me. It was a pleasant surprise and a nice gesture by Gio.

He said after batting practice, he would come back and sign it.

True to his word, he did.

In addition, I had him sign my scorebook again as well. I wished him well.

Ironically we were in St. Louis the night before. I looked at the out of town scoreboard and I was beside myself. Gio was pitching.

He threw 7 innings giving up just one run and he picked up the victory.

Quite amazingly like in the past and most recently when we were in Cleveland just 2 weeks ago, Gio pitched the night before as well. He pitched great that night too. I can't get to see him pitch in the major leagues live.

In a way it was a blessing because he told me like most pitchers they don't sign autographs on the day they pitch. So in that regard it was a blessing in disguise.

I will continue to follow Gio's progress.

The other day he beat the Red Sox despite giving up four runs in 6 innings. He improved his record this season to 9-6 with a 3.75 earned run average.

Keep up the good work, Gio.

The way things are going he's in the major leagues to stay. He will turn 25 on September 19th so his future should be very bright.

I look forward to seeing him again somewhere down the road.

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